Marvel Glass Gas Table Black 4 Burner


Featuring a unique seal, these containers are both air-tight and liquid-tight and retain the flavour of your food while preventing nasty spills. As these containers are microwaveable and heat resistant up to 400 degrees Celsius, you can easily heat your food at your own convenience without fearing contamination. Using the Borosil Klip N Store containers, you can carry all types of food including curries, rice, sabzi preparations, cut vegetables and fruits and more. Made from High Quality Glass for Long-lasting Durability Manufactured using 100% borosilicate glass, the Borosil Klip N Store containers are built to last for a long time even with regular use. This glass material helps in retaining clarity and prevents scratches, discolouration and odours. Easy to Clean and Maintain Due to its unique design, the Borosil Klip N Store containers are easily stackable, making the storage of these containers an easy task. Along with being dishwasher-safe, the airtight gasket that provides the liquid-tight seal is easily removable, making it easy to wash and maintain these containers.

  1. Beautiful black toughened glass top
  2. Spill-proof design
  3. Ergonomically designed knobs
  4. High-efficiency tri-pin burners
  5. Color: Black
  6. Material: Glass-top and stainless steel body
  7. Package Contents: 1-piece Glass Gas Stove with 4 burners
  8. Warranty: 2 years manufacturer's warranty


Within warranty period, Celmax authorized service centers will repair or replace any defective part, if required, to rectify the problem.

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